SHARC plans to host several networking events each year, bringing together professionals across Long Island to discuss their experiences with rip currents and surf hazards. By providing opportunities for emergency responders and safety practitioners to exchange ideas with weather forecasters and researchers, SHARC can help coordinate collection of surf hazard data and sharing of resources to better inform forecasting models and future rip current education programs.  

Future networking events are being developed. NYSG and MARACOOS believe that such events are essential to strengthening relationships between the diverse surf hazard professionals across Long Island. Together, we can work towards improving water safety and reducing the risk of fatalities due to rip currents and other surf hazards on Long Island’s beaches.


The first workshop, which was held in November 2020, included networking opportunities, local expert presentations, and breakout sessions. Topics discussed included: the need for SHARC and its potential impact, resource and data gaps, additional stakeholder recommendations, and rip current education success stories.  The workshop was recorded and the recording along with the summary report are available below.